What is a Curriculum Pack?
Curriculum packs are collections of materials for students in the elementary grades and are designed to aid in learning about a specific theme or topic. Included in each pack are several books, and other items such as DVDs or CDs and other learning tools. The materials can be used at home or within a teaching setting.

What is a Discovery Pack?
Discovery Packs are collections of materials sharing a common theme, designed for a preschool audience. Included in each pack are several books, and other items such as DVDs, as well as manipulates like puzzles or toys. The materials can be used in a home, or daycare, to help preschoolers enjoy and learn about important concepts.

What is an Illustrator Pack?
Illustrator Kits are collections of materials that highlight the work of well-known children’s book illustrators such as Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak and Dr. Seuss. Each kit contains a number of books, as well as music, DVDs and other materials inspired by the work of the illustrator. Illustrator Kits would be enjoyed by any teacher or child care provider who wants to share quality children’s literature.

Who can check them out?
Curriculum, Illustrator and Discovery Packs can be checked out by any KCPL library card holder. Each Pack can be checked out for 28 days, and can be renewed twice for 2 weeks each renewal, unless there is a hold on the item. The Packs are kept at the Erlanger Branch, but they can be put on hold and sent to any of our KCPL locations for checkout. They can be returned to any KCPL location. For more information about Curriculum, Illustrator or Discovery Packs, please contact the Erlanger Children’s Department at 859-962-4003.

Illustrator Pack
Dr. Seuss
Eric Carle
Ezra Jack Keats
H.A. Rey
Maurice Sendak
Norman Bridwell

Curriculum Packs

1.  Anatomy
2.  Phonics
3.  Art
4. Spelling
6.  Fractions
7.  Astronomy
8.  Multiplication & Division
9. Poetry
10. Music
11. World Cultures
12. Environment
13. Multiplication & Division
14. Spelling
15. Grammar
16. Fractions
17. Astronomy
18. Anatomy
19. Multiplication and Division
22. Poetry Pack
24. Music Pack
25. Bilingual (Spanish/English)
26. Presidents
27. Dinosaurs #1
28. Dinosaurs #2

Digital Curriculum Packs
1.  Geography

Discovery Packs

1.  Colors
2.  Colors
3.  Alphabet
4.  Shapes
5.  Transportation
6.  Potty Training – Girls
8.  Animals
12.  Food & Table Manners
13.  Counting
14.  Seasons
15.  Music
16.  Language Skills
18.  Motor Skills
19.  Learning Spanish
20.  Five Senses
22.  Pets
23.  Counting
24.  Five Senses
25.  Potty Training – Boys
26.  Kindergarten 1
27.  Kindergarten 2
28.  Dinosaurs

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