Fine Collection FAQ

Why is the library using a collection agency?
We want to get materials back. Missing items affects the entire library system. Other patrons are unable to borrow missing or lost items. The cost to replace these items is considerable. Libraries across the country have partnered with Unique Management Systems because it is an effective way retrieve missing items and lost items.

What accounts are sent to the collection agency?
Any account with material overdue for 75 or more days, and any account owing $50 or more in fees. You will receive a 15 day notice from KCPL before your account is sent to debt collection, in which time you have an opportunity to avoid being sent by returning your borrowed items and paying your fees.

What processes does Unique use to notify me if my account is reported to them?
If your account is sent to Unique Management Systems, they will first send you one letter.

  • If after 21 days there is no response, another letter is sent.
  • After 35 days of no response, the first phone call is made to notify you of your overdue account or missing item.
  • On day 65 of your account being reported to Unique Management Systems, a third letter is sent to the account holder.
  • Day 79, patrons receive another phone call
  • Day 120, with no response a patron’s account will be reported to the credit agency.

Is this information reported to the credit agency?
Account holders who fail to respond to the letters and phone calls placed by Unique Management Systems may be reported to the credit agency after 120 days. Once accounts are settled with the Library, information will be removed from the collection agency.

Will I be charged a fee if my account is reported to Unique Management Systems?
Yes, a $10 fee is assessed on all accounts reported to Unique. If your account has fees of $25, you will owe $35 to the Library.

Why is this fee charged to my account?
The fee reflects the cost of the service provided by Unique Management Systems.

What information is sent to Unique Management Systems about me? Information released includes: name, address, telephone number and amount owed to the Library. Titles of items checked out will not be released to any outside agency.

As a parent or guardian, am I responsible for my child’s library account?
Yes. Parents and legal guardians will receive letters addressed to “The Parents of (your child’s name)” from the collection agency.

May I still use my library card to check out materials and make computer reservations?
As soon as the amount you owe is $0 you may continue to check out materials. Debt Collect status or fees over $20.00 will restrict access to the public computers.

What if I pay off my account and then go over the $50 limit again?
The process will start again once accounts reach $50 or have items 75 days overdue.

How can I pay off my fine?
You can pay outstanding fees with check, credit card or cash.

Who do I pay, the Library or Unique Management Systems?
Please pay fines and charges to the Kenton County Public Library. Payment can be mailed or made at any of the Kenton County Public Library locations.

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