About the Collection:
The Baker-Hunt collection contains numerous documents relating to the history of the Baker and Hunt families, the history and activities of the Foundation and the history of Covington and Northern Kentucky more generally.  The collection was made available through a partnership between the Baker-Hunt Foundation and the Local History Department of the Kenton County Library.   Over 500 documents and photos were scanned at the library, amounting to over 3,500 pages of material.   Original copies of the documents are housed in the archives of the Baker-Hunt Foundation, but the digital images are readily available to the public for the first time here.  A brief description of the collection, grouped thematically, follows below.  A searchable index of the entire collection is also available.  In addition, many of the programs in the collection are searchable by name in the Northern Kentucky Genealogy Index (GeNKY).

Adams-Alden-Aldrich Family History Documents

Margaretta Hunt traced her roots back to the Mayflower and was a descendant of the New England Alden family.  This collection includes numerous genealogical trees, handwritten and typed, photos of the Adams family house in New Hampshire, a published genealogy of the family, and various copies of “An Old Town by the Sea” by Thomas Aldrich.  Also included is a full scan of The Outlook magazine from 1911 which contains an article about the Thomas Bailey Aldrich home and museum beginning on p. 123 of the document.  The home profiled was a key inspiration in setting up what would become the Baker-Hunt Foundation.

620 Woman’s Club Documents

Documents include various programs and booklets from 1941-2004, copies of the club bylaws, newspaper clippings relating to activities of the club, and copies of the club newsletter the “620 Newsance.”

Archie Williams Information

Archie Williams was the curator of the Natural History Museum on the grounds of Baker-Hunt.  Mr. Williams organized the collection and it was originally on display beginning in 1920 in the basement of Covington’s Eighth District Schoolhouse.  In 1928, Mrs. Hunt agreed to provide a home for the museum on the Baker-Hunt grounds, and the new building was dedicated June 29, 1929.  Documents in this collection include materials related to the history of the museum, newspaper clippings on Archie Williams, and copies of pages from two scrapbooks that were compiled by Williams himself.  The scrapbooks contain various newspaper clippings and other contemporary documents relating to the history of Northern Kentucky.

Baker-Hunt Family History

This collection holds copies of documents related to William Hunt and Margaretta Baker.  The items include copies of wedding invitations, their marriage certificate, Margaretta’s baptismal document, wills, and some correspondence, and items relating to their daughter Katie Hunt.  A journal of collected writings and poems by William Baker, Margaretta’s brother, is also included.

Children’s Chorus Programs and Invitations

The Children’s Chorus was organized in 1932 as part of the first classes offered for youth at the Foundation.  The group performed numerous concerts and recitals over the years.  Programs and invitations relating to activities of the Children’s Chorus of the Baker-Hunt Foundation from 1933-1945 are included.

Covington Culture Club

Copies of speeches given by Kate Scudder at the Covington Culture Club are included.  The club was organized in 1888 in an attempt by some leading citizens to provide the city with a means of enriching the lives of Covingtonians and providing an opportunity for more intellectual discussion on a variety of topics.  Some programs from various banquets for the club are also included.

Foundation Programs

Programs related to classes and activities at the foundation are included.  The original program for the dedication of the Foundation’s Museum in 1929 is included here as well.  The time period covered is generally 1930-1940.

John Baker Documents

Documents related to the life of John W. Baker, Margaretta’s father, are included.  Among the collection is his Western Travel Journal from 1838, his marriage certificate to Henrietta Potter, and his will.

Kate Scudder Journals

Copies of Kate Scudder’s European travel journals are included.  Ms. Scudder made two sojourns, in 1882 and 1886, and took extensive notes on her time in Europe and on her time on the east coast in preparation for the journey.

Harry Stevens Notes

Documents relating to the research and writing of Harry Stevens’ book Six Twenty, Margaretta Hunt and the Baker-Hunt Foundation (1942) are included.  Numerous drafts of chapters, correspondence with Virginia Reed (the Foundation’s early secretary) and some family history including family trees are among the documents included here.  A reference copy of the book itself is available in the Local History department of the Covington Library under the call number KR976.935 S844s.

Oratorio Guild Programs

Programs related to the activities of the Oratorio Guild from 1935-1939 are included.   The Guild was organized from 1935-1941 as a select choir of 24 singers and as a replacement for the preceding adult chorus that existed only briefly.

Scudder Family Papers

Documents relating to the Scudder family are included.  Among the collection are items and clippings relating to the life and death of Kate Scudder, a copy of Ms. Scudder’s will, and documents detailing her involvement in various groups in the Covington and Lexington, KY areas.  The collection also consists of documents relating to the life of Sidney Scudder, including his various commissions to posts in Galveston, TX, his Civil War amnesty papers, and a valentine to Annie Potter from 1846.  Various handwritten notes regarding the Scudder family genealogy are also included.

Newspaper Clippings

General newspaper clippings about various activities at Baker-Hunt are included here.  More information is also available in the Northern Kentucky Newspaper Index on the department’s webpage.

Miscellaneous Programs and Invitations

Programs performed by the Baker-Hunt Players, the Junior Players, and the Glee Club are highlighted here.   Other events at the Foundation are included also included.  The time period covered is generally 1930-1945.


Two indexes of newspaper clippings related to activities at Baker Hunt from 1930-1938 are included.  The index is searchable by name, date, newspaper, and headline on the Northern Kentucky Genealogy Database (GeNKY).   In addition, full scans of two scrapbooks, from the 1970s and 1980s, relating to the activities of the Foundation are included here.  The scrapbooks contain various newspaper clippings, programs, and photos relating to foundation activities in those decades.

Baker Hunt Photo Archive

Numerous historic and contemporary photos relating to the Foundation, Foundation activities and the families are available in the library’s “Faces and Places” Archive.   The archive is searchable by both name and keywords relating to the history of Baker-Hunt.

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