Listen to Ms. Orrs stories about her life in Alaska. The original recordings were on reel to reel tape, the family copied the originals to audiocassette. The Library converted the audio cassettes into digital files.

Audio Files:

Leaving Kentucky – How she left Kentucky and traveled to Alaska with a friend from school.
5 minutes

Life in Nome – Ms. Orr describes the town and its people.
7 minutes

Winter in Nome – Ms. Orr becomes a teacher in the local school system, she also discusses meeting friends and sled dogs.
4 minutes

Teaching in Nome – Teaching class in Nome required much effort to get the children to school.
10 minutes

Midnight Sun Picnic – A wonderful story about a picnic she attended. She describes the dress, food and geography of the area.
10 minutes

Leaving Nome – The trip from Nome to a smaller outpost in Alaska with her friend.
10 minutes

Fire at the School House – While trying to recuperate from an illness a fire breaks out at the school house.
8 minutes

Polar Bears – Polar bear cubs come to Nome when their mother is killed.
8 minutes

Aurora Borealis – An all day dog sled trip to visit friends at a dance. She describes her dress, the dogs and musher and seeing the Aurora Borealis.
17 minutes

Looking Back – Ms. Orr fondly remembers her life in Alaska and states that if she visit Alaska again she would go again tomorrow.
1 minute


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