Title Format Call Number
Ancestry and Descendancy of Embry King Sr. and Rosa Duncan. Microfilm 929.2 K54s
Autobiography of Dr. J.J. Polk. Microfilm 929.3 G326ah
Dickey, John J.: Diary of a Minister. Microfilm 976.9 D551jj
Draper manuscript (Kentucky Portion). Microfilm 976.9 D767mc
Dressman, J.H., Scrapbook of 1891-1918. Microfilm 330.9769 J111s
Duveneck, Frank: Family Photo Album, Biography, and Newspaper Accounts. Microfilm B D985f
Families of Bond & McWhorter with allied Families. Microfilm 929.2 B7113b
Genealogy of the Houser, Rhorer, Dillman and Hoovers Families. Microfilm 929.2 H8422h
Goebel, William F.: Miscellaneous Newspaper Accounts. Microfilm B G593 wi
Holmes, Daniel Henry Sr.: Diary 1877-1898. Microfilm B H7495
Huber, Edward Justin (No. Ky Musician) Personal Papers. Microfilm B H877
Neal Family Scrapbook. Microfilm 929.2 N344s
Sommerkamp, Frank, Letters from World War Servicemen to, 1918-1919; and Correspondence 1938-1947. Microfilm B S 6968
Sperti, Georgii Speri, Scrapbook of 1938-1979. Microfilm 330.9769 S751s
Stephens/Ryan Families. Microfilm 929.2 S8461s
W.T. Sherman Family Papers. Microfilm B S5536wt.
Yont, Yount, Cordell, Franklin, Howe & Duncan Families. Microfilm 929.2 M678s
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