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Microfilm – Protestant Church Records

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Title Format City/County Call Number
Augusta Baptist 1907-1962 Microfilm Augusta/Bracken F286 A923b
Beaver Baptist 1809-1955 Microfilm Cynthiana/Harrison F286 B386b
Belleview Baptist 1803-1914 Microfilm Belleview/Boone F286 B442b
Big Bone Baptist 1823-1948 Microfilm Big Bone/Boone F286 B529bc
Boyer Presbyterian 1919-1959 Microfilm Harrison County F285 H323c
Campbell County Baptist Assn. 1836-1876 Microfilm Campbell County F286 C129ba
Central Baptist (Formally Tabernacle Baptist) 1931-1985 Microfilm Maysville/Mason F286 C397b
Christ United Church of Christ 1908-1986 Microfilm Ft. Thomas/Campbell F285.834 C554u
Cynthiana Presbyterian 1929-1996 Microfilm Harrison County F285 H323c
First German Evangelical 1869-1919 Microfilm Rising Sun/Indiana F286 R332b
First German Presbyterian 1855-1915 Microfilm Cincinnati/Hamilton F286 R332b
First Presbyterian 1867-1994 Microfilm Ludlow/Kenton F285 F527p
First Presbyterian 1898-1933 Microfilm Crescent Springs/Kenton F285 C919s
First Twelve Mile Baptist 1819-1863 Microfilm Campbell County F286 F527t
Florence Baptist 1893-1962 Microfilm Florence/Boone F286 F632b
Four Mile Baptist 1819-1874 Microfilm Campbell County F286 F773mb
Ft. Mitchell Baptist 1924-1967 Microfilm Ft. Mitchell/Kenton F286 F736m
German Evangelical Reformed 1862-1948 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F286 R332b
Glencoe Baptist 1878-1956 Microfilm Glencoe/Gallatin F286 G558b
Grace Reformed 1862-1995 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F286 R332b
Grace United Church of Christ 1862-1949 Microfilm Covington, Kenton F285.834 G729u
Immanuel Church of Christ 1894-1956 Microfilm Bromley/Kenton F285.834 I33u
Immanuel M.E. 1847-1937 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F286 R332b
Kenton County Protestant Assn. 1945-1968 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F284 K37cp
Lair Chapel Presbyterian 1908-1926 Microfilm Harrison County F285 H323c
Madison Avenue Baptist 1857-1937 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F286 332b
Mountain Island Baptist 1801-1836 Microfilm Owen F286 R332b
Pleasant Ridge Baptist 1854-1980 Microfilm Campbell County F286 M928i
Pleasant View Baptist 1839-1888 Microfilm Owen F286 P724r
Salem Reformed 1857-1932 Microfilm Cincinnati/Hamilton F286 P724v
Sand Run Baptist 1819-1972 Microfilm Hebron/Boone F286 R332b
Second Reformed 1852-1922 Microfilm Dayton/Montgomery OH F286 R332b
Sharon Baptist 1825-1856 Microfilm Gallatin F286 S531b
St. John Church of Christ 1898-1987 Microfilm Bellevue/Campbell F284.1312 S143je
St. John Congregation 1938-1977 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F285.8 S143j
St. John Evangelical 1887-1987 Microfilm Bellevue/Campbell F284.1312 S143je
St. John United Church of Christ 1848-1986 Microfilm Newport/Campbell F285.834 S143ju
St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran 1894-1966 Microfilm Campbell County F284.1312 S146m
St. Paul 1923-1883 Microfilm Alexandria/Campbell F284 S1493p and pa
St. Paul Evangelical 1845-1920 Microfilm Cincinnati/Hamilton F286 R332b
St. Paul Evangelical 1847-1937 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F286 R332b
St. Paul United Church of Christ 1862-1950 Microfilm Newport/Campbell F285.834 S149pu
St. Peter Evangelical 1832-1932 Microfilm Cincinnati/Hamilton F286 R332b
St. Stephen Episcopal 1907-1977 Microfilm Covington/Kenton F282.73 S149s
Western Baptist Institute History Microfilm Covington/Kenton F286 J29h
Willow Baptist 1818-1964 Microfilm Brooksville/Bracken F286 W739b
Zion German Evangelical 1843-1913 Microfilm Cincinnati/Hamilton F286 R332b
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