Harriette Louisa Simpson Arnow
(July 7, 1907, Wayne Co. KY – March 21, 1986, Washington Co. MI)

harriette simpson arnowPrior to moving to the Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky area in 1934, Arnow attended Berea College, graduated from the University of Louisville, and taught in various parts of Kentucky. During her time in northern Kentucky Arnow worked odd jobs and spent much of her time reading literature. While living in Covington, KY she finished her first novel Mountain Path (published in 1936). After a time, she began working at the Works Progress Administration where she met her husband. Though Arnow is the author of several social histories of Kentucky’s Cumberland River area, she is best known for her “Appalachian trilogy” of novels, comprised of Mountain Path, Hunter’s Horn, and The Dollmaker. Arnow died in 1986 outside of Ann Arbor, MI.


Works Available at KCPL

Between the Flowers – K Arnow H

Old Burnside – KR 976.963 A766o

The Kentucky Trace: A Novel of the American Revolution –  K

Mountain Path – K

The Weedkiller’s DaughterKR

Flowering of the Cumberland K 976.85 A76f

Seedtime on the Cumberland – K 976.85 A76

Hunter’s HornK Arnow H

The Dollmaker – K Arnow H


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