Ben Lucien Burman (December 12, 1895, Covington, KY – November 12, 1984, New York City)

Prolific author of novels and children’s books, Burman was the son of Jewish immigrants. He grew up on Eighth St. in Covington before attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio until he left to fight in France during World War I. After the war, Burman finished his college education at Harvard University in 1920. After graduation, he returned to Covington to teach at Holmes High School. During his tenure at the high school he was accused of teaching bolshevism, a serious offense at the time, but he managed to maintain his position. Burman later became editor for the Cincinnati Times-Star while he wrote articles for other national publications. Burman was quite successful: As well as winning the Southern Authors Award and he was nominated to win the Pulitzer Prize, and his novel Steamboat Round the Bend was made into the film Heaven on Earth starring Will Rogers.

During World War II Burman worked as a war correspondent while he was stationed in North Africa and reported on the Vichy government in France. In 1946 his work earned him an award from the French Legion of Honor. When Burman returned to the United States he started work on his “Catfish Bend” stories, satirical fables with animals as the characters. These books, illustrated by his wife Alice Caddy, were very successful.

Burman died in New York City in 1984.


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