William Whiteman Fosdick (January 28, 1825, Cincinnati, OH – March 8, 1862, Cincinnati, OH)

After his father’s death when William was only a child, Fosdick was raised by his mother, actress Julia Drake Fosdick, member of the influential theatrical Drake family. He was raised in Covington, Kentucky and attended Transylvania College where he studied law. After graduation he practiced in New York City, Cincinnati, and Covington. After spending some time in New York City he returned to the Cincinnati area where he became the editor of Sketch Club, a literary journal. During all this time he wrote poetry and for some time was considered the poet laureate of Cincinnati. The novel he wrote, Malmiztic, was given praise as often as it was given ridicule. It was said from time to time that he would have accomplished more in the literary field had he not spent most of his time on chess. Fosdick was buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.



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