Daniel Henry Holmes Jr. (b. July 16, 1851, New York, NY – d. December 15, 1908, Hot Springs VA)

Holmes was prepped to take over his father’s dry-good business. At the age of 16 he was sent to be schooled in Manchester, England to learn the trade, but he despised the idea and instead moved to Covington, KY to study to become a lawyer. After Holmes’ law partner died, Holmes determined he was not meant to be a lawyer and decided to return to his love of poetry and moved to Paris, France for four years. In 1883 he married Rachel Gaff, the daughter of a Cincinnati distiller. In 1884 Holmes published his first book of poetry, Under a Fool’s Cap: Songs. In 1891 after the sale of his law practice he returned to Europe with his wife. Holmes is known for being a lyric poet. Holmes published two books in 1906 one in New York and another in Cincinnati, OH. Holmes died in Virginia in 1908 and buried in Spring Grove Cemetery.


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