Robert F. Schulkers (July 21, 1890, Covington KY – April 6, 1972, Cincinnati OH)

Schulkers attended St. Joseph parochial grade school in Covington and St. Joseph High School (now Covington Catholic High School) before he moved on to studying architectural draftsmanship. He married Julia Buckley Darnell and the two began a family, who, at one point, lived in Cuba before returning to live in the Hyde Park area of Cincinnati. Schulkers is the author of the well-known Seckatary Hawkins children books. These books promoted ideals that Schulkers found very important: morality, decency, and honesty. The books led to the creation of the “Seckatary Hawkins Fair and Square” clubs. The members of these clubs promised to promote the ideals put forth in Schulker’s stories and, at their height, had a few million members and the club still exists. Although Schulker’s works aren’t as recognized today, they did leave a lasting impression on To Kill a Mockingbird’s author, Harper Lee; she included a quote from Schulker’s work The Gray Ghost at the end of her only novel. The Seckatary Hawkins books, however, are not published under Schulkers name, but instead the name of the protagonist.


Works Available at KCPL

The Red Runners – K HAWKI S

The Yellow Y – K HAWKI S

The Chinese Coin – K HAWKI S

Stoner’s Boy – K

The Gray Ghost – K HAWKI S



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