Henry T. Stanton (b. June 30, 1834, Alexandria VA – d. May 9, 1898, Frankfort KY)

Born in Virginia, Stanton and his family moved to Maysville, KY when he was 2 years old. It was at a young age that he developed an interest in poetry. Stanton attended the Maysville Seminary and was admitted to the Military Academy at West Point but did not graduate. Stanton enlisted in the 5th Kentucky Confederate Regiment at the start of the Civil War and served as captain. At the end of the war Stanton, now a Major, returned to Maysville and worked as editor of the Maysville Bulletin until 1870 when he moved to Frankfort to become chief assistant in the office of the state commissioner of insurance. Throughout all of his life Stanton wrote poetry and numerous pieces of his appeared in journals and newspapers. Stanton had his works published in numerous volumes, two of which posthumously. In addition to his volumes of poetry, Stanton published one novel in 1889 titled A Graduate of Paris. Stanton died  nine years later and was buried in Frankfort, KY.



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