Walter Stone Tevis Jr. (b. February 28, 1928, San Francisco, CA – d. August 9, 1984, New York City)

When Walter was 10 the Tevis family moved to Richmond, KY. After Tevis graduated from high school he served with the U.S. Naval reserves in the Pacific from 1945-1946. Upon his return he attended the University of Kentucky where he received a BA in English before teaching at various high schools in the Commonwealth while he obtained his MA in English, also from UK. In 1957 and 1958 he taught at UK’s Northern Community Center (that would later become Northern Kentucky University). During his time as a student he spent much of his time in Lexington pool halls where he gathered information for his first novel The Hustler (1959). After his success Tevis made the decision to focus on writing and left his job teaching. He wrote another six novels, all of which centered on pool or chess. Three of his novels were adapted for the screen with major actors such as Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, David Bowie, and Tom Cruise.



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