Ruth Wolff (March 31, 1909, Newport, KY – June 13, 1972, Fort Thomas, KY)

Wolff was the member of the prominent Wolff family, the daughter of circuit court judge Otto Daniel Wolff Sr and the sister of architect Otto Daniel Wolff Jr. She attneded Newport High School before she went on to Western College for Women (which is now a part of Miami University, Oxford) and completed her post-graduate work at the University of Cincinnati. Her first job after graduation was teaching for the Tennessee Valley Authority. In the 1960s she gave up her employment to concentrate on writing. She wrote four novels during her lifetime, most of them taking place in fictionalized versions of Northern Kentucky cities and areas. Her novels were known to explore the troubles of Appalachians as they moved into urban environments. Wolff also wrote articles for various publications such as Ladies Home Journal. After her marriage to J. Robert Wiseman, the couple moved to Batavia, Ohio until Wolff’s death at St. Luke Hospital in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Works Available at KCPL

I, Keturah – K

A Trace of FootprintsK

A Crack in the Sidewalk – K

The Space Between – K


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