‘Old Lewisburg’

Oh, how I would like to live again,
the days in Lewisburg;
Despite my efforts to express,
I’m left searching for the word.

I hear the old gang singing,
The harmony is fine;
They’re always at their very best,
with old sweet Adeline.

We all lived near the breweries,
Their beer it was the best;
At the slaughterhouses our sausages,
Surpassed all the rest.

We topped it off with sauerkraut,
Made down on Lewis Street;
Put it all together and,
It really was a treat.

The turkey shoot came once a year,
And Tom with raised up head;
Was picked off by a crack shot,
So now of course he’s dead.

From miles around the folks would come,
To Pap Fromandi’s Zoo;
To see the bear and monkeys,
and feed them peanuts, too.

The parishioners of old St. Johns would march,
The streets in fervent prayer;
At the feast of Corpus Christi,
And the echo’s ever there.

The old familiar spots I knew,
They really are no more;
But they brought much joy and happiness,
Back in the days of yore.

John Darenkamp

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