Northern Kentucky Writers

Northern Kentucky has been home to creative people since it was first inhabited, including writers. From newspaper journalists to historians to fiction writers, northern Kentucky has a rich literary history. This is a collection of short biographical sketches of writers that were born, or lived in, the counties that make up the northern Kentucky region. Included are the works available from the Kenton County Library system as well as references.

Frances Newton Symmes Allen
Robert “Colonel” S. Allen
Harriette Louisa Simpson Arnow
William S. Bailey
Mary E. Wilson Betts

Brady F. Black
Craig M. Brown
Ben Lucien Burman
Judy Clabes
Mary L. Mitchell Cady

Nick Clooney
Lewis Collins
Richard Henry Collins
Martha Purdon Comer
Annette Cornell
George W. Cutter

Julia Stockton Dinsmore
George Elliston
Margaret Estes
William Whiteman Fosdick

Linda Gondosch
Daniel Henry Holmes Jr.
Harlan Hubbard
Myrtle Stickrath Jessup

John A. “Jack” Kerley
Gilbert W. Kingsbury
Joe Lacy
Dorothy Ladd
John Uri Lloyd
David Mack

Ninona Miller
Anna Catherine Minogue
Barbara Paul
Darrell C. Richardson
Rick Robinson
Frank E. Schoolfield
Robert F. Schulkers
Henry T. Stanton
Howard Storm
Hollis S. Summers
Walter Stone Tevis Jr.
Helen Truesdell
Frank X. Walker
Sheila Williams
Kathy Witt
Ruth Wolff
Eleanor Duncan Wood
Mary Woods




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