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Image ID:di47057
Description:unidentified graduating students (?); (front center) Rev. Brother John Nickol, S.M.
Source:Bob Ratermann
Subject:Schools, Catholic - Covington Catholic High School
Date Added:Mar 11, 2010
Type:Photograph-Black & White
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    • This is a graduation photo from the St. Joseph Commercial School for Boys, which was a 2 year high school at 12th & Greenup operated by the Marianists. In 1925 Bishop Howard arranged things with the Marianist Brothers to begin expanding the school to a 4-year high school, Covington Catholic. Brother John Nickol, S.M. was the principal of the St. Joseph Commercial School from 1917-1922, so this would have been a graduating classes from one of those years.
    • Posted by Nate Thamann on Aug 28, 2019 11:40 AM
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