@ Kenton County Public Library

DigitCart The Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Public Library system is now home to the DigiCart. The DigiCart is a portable cart that contains digital items that are available for use within the library. These items include macbooks, yeti microphone, wacom tablet and more!

Coders and Makers Club (e-newsletter) A coding and making club at the library. Meet twice a month to network, ask for help, and share your work. Learn about the online resources the library has to help you succeed and learn.

NKY/Cincinnati Maker Meetup Sign-up for upcoming events

Teacher, Parents and Educators: please let us know if you would like training and equipment support for Maker education.

e-books from Overdrive

                  Cover of 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius Cover of Learn to Program with Scratch Cover of LEO the Maker Prince                 

Raspberry Pi


Home automation with Siri

Home Theater

Thermal printer

TV be gone

47 Projects Design Contest

Ambitious Raspberry Pi projects

10 more awesome projects

12 Cool projects

20 awesome projects


Little Bits (Intro)

Solar Charge controller

Paper automata

Floating Sound Ball

Music Bench

Bike Tachometer

Cotton Candy Surface

Elephant night light

Chinese Laterns

Diorama Lighting

Book Report Diorama

Other gadgets

Circuit Stickers

Electric Paint

Websites and Sources for projects and products


Lifehacker Raspberry Pi Arduino Hackerspace

Make Maker Faire Learn Tools



Tinker Studio


Cardboard Challenge

Makey Makey Ex:Monome

Thingiverse (3D Printing)

MIT guide/ Soft Circuits


STEM Curriculum Resources by Dr. Wesley Fryer – Maker Studio

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