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Team Racing to Read: Richelle Rose, Amy Powell and Teresa Curtis

What is Racing to Read?

Racing to Read is an innovative new program designed by the Library to serve preschool children at child care facilities in Kenton County. The goal of the program is to introduce children to books and reading so they are prepared to learn how to read when they enter kindergarten.

The Racing to Read program serves 38 childcare centers and 1,500 children in these centers. Certified teaching staff from the Racing to Read program visit centers monthly.  During each visit, Library employees read stories to children, allowing them to interact with books and hear how words are formed. After the stories, children and their caregivers are invited onto the Racing to Read vehicle to check out materials from among the collection of 6,000 items shelved on board the vehicle. In addition to books for children, the program also offers teacher resources and books so that caregivers can continue exposing children to books and reading.

Racing To Read Van

The Racing to Read Vehicle

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Reading With a Purpose:

Teaching the Holidays

Learning about other cultures and holidays builds compassion in young children. Try these books for learning about holidays from around the world:                

Use It or Lose It

This adage isn't just for the aging. "Use it or lose it" applies to young kids as well. The brain goes through a process of neural pruning, where it will eliminate anything that isn't being [...]

New! STEM Kits Available for Teachers!

Racing to Read is excited to offer our teachers STEM related kits for preschoolers.                    Our first kit is an interactive coding game where children “code” their own music! [...]

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