What is solar power? Kahn Academy

In the news/new technology:

Solar powered airplane Solar Impulse
Solar powered space Solar Sail Intro Day in the Life Images from earth

Solar panels that follow the sun SunSaluter
The solar robots NYT
(Not solar but…) Kick a ball and make energy Soccket


Solar Powered Flashlight
Solar Powered Radio
Solar Cooker
Solarize battery devices
Solar-Powered Desktop Fans
Many more

Opposing Viewpoints Videos

Saved by the sun trailer
Huge Solar Plant Opens in California
Solar Decathlon Brings 20 College Teams to Washington to Build Energy-Efficient Homes
Powering the Poor with Solar Power
The Big Energy Gamble
National Parks Getting Green Makeovers
Power Paths
Sailing by the Sun
Reflecting the Stars

Articles and Overview

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Two new U.S. solar initiatives could help level the playing field for low income households
A burst of energy. Inside the largest solar plant

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Qumi-Qumi- Season 1, Episode 2: Solar Energy

Walk Across America: 74 year old Bruce Maynard builds a solar powered baby stroller to accompany him on a walk across America. (Online)

Second Nature – The Biomimicry Evolution Trailer

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