Simple Cooking for Teens

Maybe you think that cooking is difficult, nearly impossible or you want to kick your basic cooking skills up a notch. Maybe you’re a fast foodie or tired of your same old ramen noodle diet. Whatever your skill level the Kenton County Public Library has you covered with a variety of resources and programs. You’re busy, you don’t have a lot of time to cook but fast food doesn’t have to be junk food. Top Ten Time Tips from Real Food, Real Fast by Sam Stern, young adult author of cookbooks for teens. Don’t waste time wandering round your kitchen looking for an ingredient or piece of equipment. Get organized! Vegetables chopped small take a shorter time to cook. Need the oven? Switch it on-first thing you do. Save time and energy by using the right size pan. Water can take ages to boil, so try not to use too much. Get that lid on the pan for speedier heating. Use time well. If you’re waiting for something to boil or marinate, prep something else. Extra time suits some food like marinating meat, so do’em the day before and fridge’em. Make more food than you need at a time. Double recipes. That’s lots of time saved and other meals taken care of. Take opportunities. If you’ve got bread left over, make breadcrumbs and stick them in the freezer for later. Make stock from roasts. Freeze fruit for crumbles, yogurt bowls and smoothies. Speed things up by using the right stuff. A sharp knife’s faster than a blunt one. Try a hand mixer. Get good equipment and a sharp grater. This book might be for you, it’s organized by minutes for the length of time it [...]