Save Money & Time with Handmade Gifts

Welcome this week's guest blogger: Heather Tenney Owner, and Heather Tenney Photography From the moment Thanksgiving week begins, the countdown to chaos begins--we begin shopping and cooking and cleaning and crafting and cleaning and cooking and much as we love the holidays, they are a lot of work! As much as we talk about great deals and great sales, year after year we end up spending more money than we did the year before. Every year just seems to get crazier, and many of you are just trying to survive the dash to the great finish line: Christmas morning. For many of you, you are stressed out already. Just the idea of the holidays sends your shoulders into your ears, your ulcer begins churning, your palms sweat and you think “I wish it wasn’t like this.” This is what the holidays have become in America–a great race to a pseudo-perfection that none of us ever achieve. Well, maybe Martha Stewart does. But then, I’ll bet she’s got a few maids, cooks, gardeners and assistants helping her out along the way! Us average folks don’t have that, yet we try to achieve perfection each and every year. But the harder we try, the more chaos engulfs us. We end up finishing the holidays spent, wiped out, and unable to really remember why we did it all in the first place. This year, I want to help you step off of the crazy train and back into what you always dreamed the holidays would be. Gifts don't need to be expensive or store bought to be special. Stop fighting the crowds at the stores searching for the perfect gift. Handmade gifts cost less, they don't [...]