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Puppy Tales visits STEAM Academy

Eight-year-old Noah Sheppard’s voice is strong and steady as he reads a story to Grace, a 13-year-old poodle. Grace lies quietly next to him, Sheppard’s arm drapes over her, resting gently against her gray curly fur. Grace is one of several dogs that visited with STEAM Academy students on Nov. 20 through the Kenton County Public Library’s Puppy Tales program. The program is for children in grades kindergarten through grade six and occurs at various times at all three library branches. “The program is important for many reasons,” said Jenny Schwartz, William E. Durr Branch children’s programmer and school coordinator. “Studies show that allowing children to read to a dog can reduce anxiety and lead to improved behavior, attendance and confidence as well as reading skills." Continue Reading the Article...   Background: Puppy Tales began in 2006. It takes place at each branch of the Kenton County Public Library. The Erlanger branch hosts Puppy Tales the third Sunday of the month; Covington the first Sunday of the month; and the Durr branch every Tuesday in the months of January, March, May, September and November. Those interested in joining should register at each branch. • Erlanger Children's Department, 859-962-4003 • Covington Children's Department, 859-962-4077 • Durr Children's Department, 859-962-4032 The library is looking for more dogs for the program. Contact your branch for more information. Author: Melissa Stewart,

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Historical Online Photo Database Celebrates a Decade of Service

This March 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Faces and Places ( , a unique online historical photo album that highlights the people, places and events of Kentucky (and some Cincinnati).  Since its inception a decade ago, the Faces and Places website has received over 9.2 million views. There are nearly 85,000 photos, 6,435 subject headings and nearly 2,000 comments.   This online album was created when the history staff at the Kenton County Public Library started digitizing some of its resources. They were digitizing documents and family files so that genealogy researchers around the world could obtain the information they needed without having to incur the cost of travel expenses. The staff then added photos to the mix, therefore creating Faces and Places.   The popularity of the photograph collection easily lent itself to a digital format. As such, staff scanned and the photos and staff and volunteers did the indexing. When the Kentucky Post, a daily newspaper, ceased publication they donated over 60,000 photographs to the Kenton County Public Library. Staff and volunteers began adding those to the database, using keywords and subject headings to make searching easier.   Faces and Places is searchable by surname, address, city, or subject. As the database became more well-known in the community, other area residents began donating photos to the library. One of the more significant collections was a local photography studio who donated over 1,000 photographs of greater Cincinnati scenes from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. Because of the accessibility of the photographs through the database, many have been used by local authors, in local history books, by the media, by teachers and students and by museums and local businesses.   With images of Riverfront [...]

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