Cult Films to Stream on Hoopla

Cult Films to Stream on Hoopla Aaaaah! The cult film. Generally hated on release, but beloved by many as time goes by. That's not always the case, however - some films are celebrated cult experiences the day they release (see the first selection below). Well, if you're a film-lover, now is the time to jump into the cult film experience - or just take a refresher on cult film classics. Below I’ve pulled some of my top choices for cult films on Hoopla that you can stream right now. You can find a synopsis and more details in the links provided for each movie. Mandy - Rated R - 2H1M This hypnotic revenge story from Panos Cosmatos (son of George Cosmatos who directed Rambo II and Tombstone) showcases Nic Cage at his most unhinged. Gory, artsy, and featuring an epic chainsaw battle! This 2018 release is the very definition of a cult classic. Enemy - Rated R - 1H30M A haunting story that keeps its secrets guarded. Star Jake Gyllenhaal doubles up on two lead roles in this dramatic thriller from director Denis Vileneuve (Sicario, Blade Runner 2049) that will keep you guessing for weeks to come. Word of warning: if you don’t like spiders, maybe avoid this one… Equilibrium - Rated R - 1H47M A dystopian film featuring Christian Bale where “peace” is maintained in the form of a pill leaving its users completely emotionless. What makes this a fun film is the absurd and over-the-top “Gun Fu” combining martial arts, theatrics, and gun-fighting – all on a level that would make John Woo weep. UHF - Rated PG-13 - 1H37M A nonstop slapstick, spoof-ridden piece of 80s humor starring [...]