A new virtual service easily connects Kenton County groups who want to gather and communicate online.  You can now set up and run your own virtual meetings with support from trained library staff. Three virtual meeting spaces are available from the library through Zoom, a web-based software that requires a device and an Internet connection to participate.

How it works, in three easy steps

  1. Submit a virtual meeting reservation request using our room reservation system.
  2. Receive confirmation of your virtual meeting’s day, time, and host (either you or the person you determine will host your meeting).
  3. Receive a Zoom link to your virtual meeting.

Public spaces to learn, collaborate & create

Until our physical meeting and study rooms are fully available at all library locations, we remain committed to serving our community by facilitating connections using a new virtual meeting service.

As in our physical meeting spaces in library buildings, you can use a virtual meeting space for business meetings, an event with a speaker and slides, or your book club, for example. Each meeting can have up to 300 attendees and run for 4 hours or less.  Kenton County Public Library staff will start the meeting for you and introduce you to using options in Zoom.


  • To reserve a virtual meeting space, visit our website www.kentonlibrary.org, click About Us, then click Request a Meeting Room.
  • Each meeting is limited to 4 hours or less, with 300 participants or less.
  • Meetings can be held only during the hours of 10 am to 6 pm (5pm on Saturdays). Mondays through Saturdays. All meetings must end by 30 minutes prior to closing time.
  • All requests are subject to approval. Please submit the request form below as far in advance as possible of your desired meeting date for the best chances of approval.
  • Types of events/meetings permitted: educational, cultural, political, civic, or charitable.
  • Recording of sessions is not permitted, either by the library or the meeting host.
  • Types of events not permitted: commercial educational presentations. Also not permitted: selling or buying of goods or services, soliciting donations, or charging fees, either prior to a reservation or on the day of your meeting.

We provide support with your meeting

  • Fifteen minutes before the meeting start time, a library staff member will share a brief introduction of Zoom with the meeting host.
  • If you choose, you can also schedule a learning session with library staff to understand more about how Zoom works.
  • Library staff will leave your meeting once it starts but will be available for support should any technical issues arise.
  • Looking for more on how it all works?

Request a virtual meeting room reservation.

You are required to read our Meeting Room Guidelines and abide by them during your Zoom meeting.


What can I do with this service?

Kenton County Public Library will provide access to virtual meeting spaces via Zoom Video Conferencing. Inside one of these spaces, you can video chat, text chat, share screens, conduct voting in a poll, give a lecture, etc. with up to 300 people. As in our meeting spaces in the library building, you can use a virtual meeting space for business meetings, an event with a speaker and slides, or a book club, for example.

Kenton County Public Library staff will start the meeting for you and introduce you to using options in Zoom.


How do I schedule a meeting space with the library?

Please use the room reservation system to request a library-sponsored Zoom meeting reservation.


Who is eligible to reserve a virtual meeting space?

Any Kenton County Public Library patron is eligible to request a meeting. This is the same standard we have for in-person room usage as well.


What types of meetings can I host with the Library’s Zoom account?

Book clubs, community meetings, neighborhood groups, nonprofit or church groups.  We can also accept reservations for private or family groups such as family reunions or online social gatherings.


When can I host a virtual meeting?

Our hours are 10am-6pm M-F and 10-4 on Saturdays.


What technology do I need to lead or participate in a virtual meeting space?

You can connect to a Zoom meeting by a desktop computer, smartphone, or laptop. You do need to make sure the host has stable Wi-Fi during the meeting.


Do I need to set up a Zoom account before my meeting? Do the participants need a Zoom account?

No, you do not need a Zoom account to host or attend the meeting. You can join by phone or your computer’s browser.  However, we do suggest you install the Zoom app on your device, if possible. before your meeting. This does improve your meeting experience.  If you would like to download the Zoom app, click here:



How do I connect to a meeting?

Follow the instructions we will send to you. This will list the exact website link for the Meeting ID, and Password.


Is Zoom secure?

Zoom is a secure platform.  However, the library cannot guarantee the security of any meeting.  The meeting host is provided a specific login and password for your meeting.  Share this information only with those who should attend; do not post this information on a public site such as Facebook.


Can I book a meeting room at the library to meet in person?

At this point, only study rooms may be reserved and used at each library location. We will update our site as conditions permit. Our room booking portal may be accessed at:  https://kentonlibrary.evanced.info/spaces


How do I get help during my meeting if something goes wrong?

We will provide you with the email and phone number of the staff member convening your meeting.  You will be able to reach out to us during your meeting if needed.

Need help?

Contact us via Phone 859-962-4000

Contact us via Email

Contact us by Chat

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