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Teen Winter Reading Club at the Erlanger branch!

Fill out entry forms at the library and online to enter to win signed YA books, DVDs, and other bookish prizes. Weekly winners will be chosen and notified by phone or email. Prizes can be picked up from the Erlanger branch. Open to grades 6-12, from December 1 – January 1 at the Erlanger branch only. 
Online entries can be completed by filling out THIS FORM. 
Questions can be sent to the Erlanger Teen Librarian at

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Local Music Legend Series: Adrian Belew

Over the years, Greater Cincinnati has quietly been a boundless source of musical talent.  Whether it has been from the birth of contemporary rock and roll from King Records, underground hip hop from the acclaimed Scribble Jam festival, or indie rock mainstays the Afghan Whigs, Cincinnati has maintained an important role in a wide variety of musical genres in the US.  This is the first installment of blogs exploring the local talent from the area.

Adrian Belew, most famously of the prog-rock band King Crimson, is a Northern Kentucky native and Boone County High School graduate.  After picking up the guitar as a child, Belew became one of rock’s most critically acclaimed singer/songwriters and guitar virtuosos.  Besides being the longest member of King Crimson alongside founder Robert Fripp, he has recorded and toured with Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, and Nine Inch Nails.  He is also a founding member of the Tom Tom Club (with members from the Talking Heads), the Bears, GaGa, as well as a successful solo musician.  Belew is known for a distinct guitar sound, often making his guitar mimic the sounds of animals and machines.  His art direction and guitar work have proved invaluable to dozens of records over the years.

Belew, born in Covington in 1949, spent his childhood performing in Ludlow’s Marching Band and formed his first band with friends while attending Boone County High School.  During a short time in his teens when he was unable to perform in the marching band due to illness Belew taught himself to play guitar.  A natural talent, Belew understood the complexity of the guitar and immediately picked up playing the instrument.  Belew’s first band was called the Denims, a […]

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Veteran’s Day 2015

Veterans Day with the Kenton County Public Library

The Kenton County Public Library is proud to offer databases, programs and displays honoring our Veterans in celebration of Veterans Day (November 11).

Fold3 is a database of documents, images, and other material covering American military history. Fold3 has significant collections covering African-American history, Native American history, the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War and other aspects of American’s history and military organizations and conflicts. Fold3 is free to use through the Library’s website and can be accessed from any device with Internet access.

The Covington Branch Library has a Veterans Day Display including World War II era model airplanes and tanks. Stop by during library hours to check it out.

The Durr Branch Library has the Gilder Lehrman Civil War 150 Travelling Exhibit all month long. The exhibit explores the Civil War, with letters, personal accounts and images. Civil War 150 invites Americans to understand how soldiers, presidents, freedmen and families struggled to address the nature of democracy and citizenship, the human toll of civil war and the role of a president in wartime.

Veterans Day Related Programs
Veterans Day Observance, Wednesday, November 11, 4-5 pm – Erlanger Branch Library
Join us for Veteran’s Day stories and history. We will create “Thank you Veterans” messages to hang in the library. Snack provided. Ages 6-12.

Uncommon Valor – The Common Virtue, Wednesday, November 11, 7-8:45 pm – Covington Library
Join Kentucky author Donald Curtis for a look at the life of Marine Franklin Sousley. Sousley, Kentucky native was one of six famous Marines who raised the flag on lwo Jima during World War II.

Let’s Get Cooking! Civil War Recipes, Friday, November 13, 1-3 p.m. – Durr Branch […]

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Get Cookin’

Need some inspiration for your Thanksgiving dinner?  Download a free magazine from one of our great magazine services.  There is no limit to your ideas or to magazine checkouts.  So let’s get cookin’!  The magazines also have great ideas for creating a beautiful table to display your feast.


















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2015 Haunt Your Library Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following children and teens whose stories will be featured as part of the Kenton County Public Library Halloween Writing Contest. Since 2002, hundreds of creative children and teens have entered their creative spooky stories into the contest.

This year, over 130 stories were submitted. While all the stories were wonderful, the following have been selected and will be featured in the Community Recorder the week of October 26, 2015:
Grades 1-3
First Place Poetry Winner – Halloween Night by James M. – Age 8


Second Place Poetry Winner:   “Halloween’s Coming” by Devin W. – Age 8
Third Place Poetry Winner: “Halloween is Coming!” by Jayla M. – Age 8

First Place Prose Winner – All I Want Is a Pumpkin Pie by Ruth M. – Age 6



Second Place Prose Winner: “The Pumpkin” by Jude H. – Age 8
Third Place Prose Winner: “The Castle” by Eleanor D. – Age 8
Grades 4-6
First Place Poetry Winner – Spooky by Elizabeth M. – Age 12




Second Place Poetry Winner: “In Just One Night” by Kenzie J. – Age 12
Third Place Poetry Winner: “Halloween Party” by Julia G. – Age 10

First Place Prose Winner – Scary Encounter by James T. – Age 10


Second Place Prose Winner: “The Haunted Library” by Madison K. – Age 9
Third Place Prose Winner: “Halloween Night” by Piper L. – Age 9
Grades 7-12
First Place Poetry Winner – The Ground on Which You Stood by Kelsey B. – age 12


First Place Prose Winner – Rumors by Audrey D. – age 12




Second Place Prose Winner: “Forgotten House” by Nicholas C. – age 14
Third Place Prose Winner: “The Halloween” by Natalie F. – age 12

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Family Friendly Halloween Makeup Tips

If your family is like mine, they want to look exactly like the character they plan to be for Halloween. With these tips from our on-staff makeup artist, you and your family can look great for Halloween.

Research your character and have some pictures to refer to.  Your makeup will look best if you know what it is you’re doing.
Set up your area- Put down newspaper or disposable tablecloth down to protect your workspace.
Prep your skin- A good makeup artist washes her hands first.  The skin of the person you’re applying makeup to should also be cleansed with soap and water.  This will ensure that the makeup lasts all night.
Tools of the trade- the basic tools needed for makeup application are: Latex sponges, q-tips, black eyeliner, cream makeup in a variety of colors, translucent powder, inexpensive makeup brushes.
Start with the base coat, apply in gentle patting motions all over face and down neck.  Cover any areas that will be exposed by the costume.
Contour your subject.  Vampires, zombies, witches and the like have sunken features.  Use dark grey/ black to create the effect under cheekbones, eyes and neck.
Powder using large brush or old clean sock filled with baby powder.  Pat lightly all over makeup to give it staying power!
Add details.  Warts on your witch, rotten zombie teeth, and fangs for a vampire are necessary and will make your character more realistic.
Blood guts and gore.  Make your own stage blood using corn syrup, red food coloring and glycerin.
Stay in character.  Witches cackle, Vampires with an accent, zombies groan and shuffle.

Be sure to post your Halloween pictures to the Library’s Facebook page for us to see!

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Zombie Outbreak 2015

Calling all Zombie enthusiasts. Crawl, drag, snarl, moan and make your way to the Covington Library on Saturday, October 17th, for Zombie Outbreak 2015! Zombie related events all day, for everyone in the family. Zombie costumes and makeup are encouraged. Kids, teens, adults and genealogists will find something to do! See below for a full list of events. We look forward to seeing you there.


The Mini Dead 3-5 PM

Children’s Activity Center

Calling all Walking Dads & Momsters! Unearth your little zombies for an afternoon of Halloween games, crafts, and zombie make-up. Come in your Halloween costume and enjoy frightening fun for the whole family!


Zombie Prom 6-8 PM

Covington Meeting Rooms 1/2/3

Dance with the undead at the TEENS only DJ dance party. Costumes appreciated, prizes awarded. Permission slips required.


Evening with the Ancestors 6-11 PM

Local History and Genealogy Department

Join us for an evening of research, instruction, and fellowship, as we bring up our deceased ancestors. Refreshments will be served. Registration is required.


Zombie Movies 11 AM

Enjoy popcorn and watch The Conjuring at 11 AM, The Dead at 1 PM and Night of the Comet at 2:45 PM.

Zombie Makeup 3-5 pm

Get gory finishing touches and zombie-rific tips for your Zombie makeup with the help of professional makeup artists.

Zombie Costume Judging 4:30 PM

You’ve got your costume on, your makeup done, and now it’s time to enter your Zombie look into the costume contest for prizes. Prize categories for Adults/Teens 13+ are: Best Zombie, Scariest Zombie and Funniest Zombie. For Kids (Ages 12 and under) a prize will be rewarded to the Best Kid Zombie.

Zombie Walk 5-6 PM

After the Library closes, we will walk, crawl, drag, and moan our way around the streets of Covington. The walk goes to Mainstrasse and back to the library. […]

Craig Street Burying Ground: Gone But Not Forgotten

“The cemetery is a memorial and a record. It is not a mere field in which the dead are stowed away unknown; it is a touching and beautiful history, written in family burial photos, in mounded graves, in sculptured and inscribed monuments. It tells the story of the past- not of its institutions, or its wars, or its ideas, but of its individual lives, of its men and women and children, and of its household. It is silent, but eloquent; it is common, but it is unique. We find no such history elsewhere; there are no records in all the wide world in which we can discover so much that is suggestive, so much that is pathetic and impressive.” –Joseph Anderson

Autumn is here, and while we listen close for the things that go bump in the night, there is no better way to spend the bright hours of a crisp fall day than a stroll through a cemetery in the fresh October air. If you missed our Linden Grove Cemetery Tour in September, the cemetery is always open until five for a self-guided experience. While it holds great historical significance, Linden Grove is not the oldest cemetery in Covington. Few remember the town’s first graveyard: The Craig Street Burying Ground.  Now an unassuming plot of land, anchored into the background by the 6th Street underpass and zipped shut by the old C&O Railroad Bridge approach, it was once the final resting place of those first to call Covington home. Let us then relate these distant memories, lest we forget something so dear to those who came before us.

Established in approximately 1815 with the creation of the town, the Craig Street Burying Ground was the […]

Paying & Preparing for College

My daughter Andi is a junior. This means two big things in her life are taking place this year; She will take her driver’s test and she is seriously thinking about colleges, where to go and how to pay for it. It means one big thing for me; worry.

I hear other kids talk about how they picked a college or where they plan to apply based on where their friends are going or because they heard it was a party school. My 19-year-old stepson actually picked his school based on what he is majoring it. I personally think that is the best way to pick a school, unless you’re like Andi and have no idea what you want to do with your life.

I’d love to see her attend Northern Kentucky University. I graduated from there but I also think it’s an affordable option. The tuition compares to other state universities but she could save money by living at home. Of course she argues that she wants the experience of going away to school. I also see the financial benefit of taking general study courses at Gateway and then going to a university for the rest of your classes. I’m just mom though… what do I know?

NKU and Eastern Kentucky University cost $800 per semester when I attended. Now, it’s about $4,000 a semester. So four years of school will cost $32,000 before books, a parking pass or dorms are even paid for. According to College Factual, the average cost for a degree at Eastern Kentucky University comes out to about $103,000 and $122,000 at NKU (if the student lives on campus). College Factual states the average starting salary for a college graduate working in […]

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Biking in Northern Kentucky

There are many ways to explore beautiful Northern Kentucky and its surrounding areas. One of our favorite ways is to experience it on a bike! Biking groups hit the roads for a day or for weekend adventures. Families can leisurely explore hidden bike paths in our NKY parks. Bike trails sprawl across the countryside and merge into city areas which allow access to everyone making cycling a recreational sport for all! Here are some links to check out before making plans for your next biking excursion! Maybe some will peak your interest and get you back on a bike!


Mountain Biking in Kentucky
The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle
Be Safe on Your Bike
Life is a Wheel : Love, Death, etc., and A Bike Ride Across America
The Bicycling Big Book of cycling for beginners : everything a new cyclist needs to know to gear up and start riding
Bike safety : a crash course
The Bike Lesson
Duck On a Bike

Biking Safety

Local Bike Shops:
Reser Bicycle
Montgomery Cyclery

Bike Rental:
Cincy Red Bike

Road Routes & Trails:
Trail Link
Map My Ride
Cincinnati USA
Licking River Greenway

BG Cycling
Team Cycling and Fitness

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” ~ John F. Kennedy

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