Wifi Hotspots

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Did you know the library has 4G hotspots available for checkout? Access the internet whether you’re at the beach, on vacation or in an area with no internet access!


1.) How does it work?

You are able to turn on your own electronic device (laptop, iPad, etc.) and connect to the hotspot. Think of the hotspot as a portable, battery-powered wi-fi station!

2.) How long can it be checked out?

The device can be checked out for 14 days and can be renewed up to 5 times (if no one is waiting).

3.) What happens if it’s overdue?

The device will accrue a $5.00 (a day) overdue fine. The wi-fi on the device will be disabled by a staff member after 14 days.

4.) What happens if I lose it?

Each device pouch contains a KCPL Procedure Policy that notes a $ 70 replacement fee if lost.

5.) Where can I check them out?

The hotspots can be requested and picked up at any of our locations.  (859-962-4000).

6.) Who can check them out?

Only those patrons with an Adult status library cards are able to check them out. Under 18/Juvenile cards cannot check them out.

7.) Will I be charged for data?
No, data is unlimited and there is no charge.

8.) How can I put a hold on one?
Use the catalog to request a hotspot.

9.) What are the fines for a late return?
The fine for a late wi-fi hotspot is $5.00 per day with a maximum fine of $25.00.  They will be considered lost if they are not returned 10 days after the due date.

Additional Information:

Like your home internet this one has a name, it also has a password. Both are located on the front of the Hotspot. So when you go to your phone or computer to connect to the wifi you will click on “sprintwifi(letters and numbers)” and enter the password. Just like it says on the front of the device.  The difference between your home internet and these hotspots is that the hotspots work based on cell phone reception. For example, if you are up in the mountains where you have gone every year and you know that your phone doesn’t have reception there, the chances of you getting the hotspot to work are slim.

You do not have to have the device plugged in at all times, you will need to charge it just like any other electronic device. If it’s charged it will work, if nothing appears on the tiny little screen, chances are the person who had the hotspot before you didn’t charge it like they should have. Just like with a cell phone, some places inside your house have better signal then others. If it’s not working in one section of your house try putting it in another. If it is still not working, please try restarting the device (it does require you to hold down the button until it says welcome).

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