Learn About Borrowing

Item loan periods:

General fiction and non-fiction: 28 days
Holiday materials: 28 days
New non-fiction: 28 days
New non-fiction bestsellers: 28 days
New fiction: 14 days
New CDs: 14 days
CDs: 28 days
Magazines: 28 days
Test Materials: 14 days
DVDs: 7 days
Console Video Games: 7 days
Playaway View: 14 days
Quick Pick Items: 14 days
Book Kits:  56 days
Children’s Maker Kits: 28 days
Lawn Games: 28 days
Game Systems: 7 days
Adult STREAM Kits: 14 days
Adult Library of Things: 28 days
Adult Stream Kits: 14 days
Empower Tools: 7 days
Maker Kits: 28 days
Wifi Hotspot: 14 days

Check-out Limits:

Books: 50 item limit
Compact Discs: 50 item limit
Videos and DVDs : 50 item limit
Holiday materials: 5 item limit
Video Games: 2 item limit
Playaway View: 2 item limit
Quick Picks: 3 books & 2 DVD limit

Adult STREAM Kits: 1 item limit
Adult Library of Things: 3 item limit
Adult Stream Kits: 1 item limit
Empower Tools: 3 item limit
Maker Kits: 3 item limit
Wifi Hotspot: 1 item limit

Total of 50 items per card limit

Digital Items:

ebooks, magazines & audiobooks: 7/14/21 days (set your preference in Overdrive)
Total of 50 items per card limit

Audiobooks/Comics/ebooks/: 21 days
Movies/Television: 3 days
Music: 7 days
25 checkouts per month

Movies: 48/72 hours to watch depending on the title
Kids: Unlimited for a month
5 checkouts per month


You can request up to 100 physical items.


The library will automatically renew items that qualify for renewal.  

Manual renewals begin on the day placed, not the day the item is due.
The renewal period for most items is 28 days.
Videos, DVDs and console video games are renewable for 7 days.
New CDs may be renewed for 14 days.
Five renewals are permitted for each item except for the following items:

Adult Stream Kits – 1 Renewal
Empower Tools – Not Renewable

All items may be sent or returned to any of our three locations.

Items requested by another borrower may not be renewed.

Fines & Lost Items:

There will no longer be fines on reading materials, DVDs and video games beginning January 2, 2021.
Patrons will still be responsible for replacement costs of lost items.

Overdue items that still incur fines include:

Telescopes & Binoculars, Empower Tools & wi-fi hotspots are $5.00/day with $25.00 max.

About Debt Collection

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