From the Head of Lettice: Recipes from Historic Kentucky Cookbooks Part One

When looking back on our favorite family memories and holidays, food is often a highlight. Nothing can be quite so nostalgic as Grandma’s cookies or Mom’s best soup. Here at the library, cookbooks are among our most circulated items. For those of you learning to cook or wanting to add some local flair to your home cooked meal, the Local History & Genealogy department has four shelves of cookbooks that you can check out, bring home, and test out. These range from local restaurants’ favorite recipes, to chefs who focus on modern Kentucky cuisine, to historic cookbooks written as early as the 1800s.

In an effort to get to know this section of our collection better, I tried out three recipes from two different books and documented my progress. I decided to focus on dishes with earlier origins. With some of the recipes, or receipts as Lettice Bryan of The Kentucky Housewife (1839) calls them, it took a little creative reimagining in order to modernize the measurements and equipment to something I have in my kitchen. In other words, I opted to bake in a modern oven with set temperatures. I’m also a vegetarian – so, sorry to all you Squirrel Soup lovers, I stuck to finding something I could enjoy!

Let’s get started:

Baked Potatoes, from The Kentucky Housewife (1839) by Lettice Bryan

This recipe is from one of our earliest cookbooks by the thorough Lettice Bryan. The collection contains thousands of recipes along with suggestions of accompanying dishes, for which meal a recipe works best, and other tidbits which give a wonderful glimpse of the time period. I chose this recipe because it is simple, contains few ingredients, but also takes a familiar dish in […]

Library Helps Reboot Your Diet in 2017

Are you looking to reboot your diet in 2017?  There are so many different choices!  Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free and the list goes on and on…
Regardless of your choices the Library has a cookbook for you. Below I’ve chosen a few of my favorite vegan/vegetarian cookbooks to help get you started:


Thug Kitchen 101 – Thug Kitchen
Any of their cookbooks are good, but I like this one because the recipes are designed to be quick to prepare.  A word of caution…there is a lot of cursing in this cook book, but the recipes are so good.  I made the nachos from this cookbook and they were awesome!  Another bonus is that they are in hoopla so you can easily check them out with no waiting or overdue fines.



Oh She Glows Every Day – Angela Lidden
I started following her blog a few years ago so it has been fun watching her recipes develop.  Her recipes can be a little more work than I like to do so I was excited to see that she also has a new cookbook with quicker ones.  Her salads and bowls are the best.  Her recipes are healthier than Thug Kitchen, which can be good or bad depending on your mood. 🙂



The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook : entertaining for absolutely every occasion – Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Isa Moskowitz is kind of the founding mother of cool vegan chefs.  Superfun Times is her latest cookbook and it has a lot of fun ideas based on the different holidays of the year.  I have this book checked out but I haven’t made anything from it yet.  I have my eye on her “sorta classic pot pie” though!


But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!: 125 Recipes to Win Everyone […]

Raw Food Cookbooks – eBooks








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