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13 Things to Know When Applying for FAFSA

October 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

I follow a couple "paying for college" Facebook groups. Those groups are always hopping on October 1, otherwise known as FAFSA Day (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). I must have seen the same 10 [...]

Twelve Myths & Truths about College

October 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

Note: this article was originally written in the fall of 2017 but was updated October, 2019. It's that time of year again... It's time for 17-year-old kids to make one of the biggest financial decisions [...]

Fun Fall Activity: Ohio Renaissance Festival

October 1st, 2019|0 Comments

One of my favorite Autumn traditions is attending the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Starting Labor Day weekend and going through the end of October, I go at least two or three times. Full of shows, shops, and [...]

  • Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins, Please!

September 19th, 2019|0 Comments

Crisp air and golden hues officially welcome fall each year. As the leaves start turning, it’s time to head to the nearest pumpkin patch and start thinking about those Halloween costumes. There are lots of [...]

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