The Covington branch has a makerspace? Why, yes they do!

The Covington branch of the Kenton County Public Library makerspace currently consists of the following equipment that is available for the public to use.

  • A 2.25” Button Maker
  • A light box for taking quality photographs of your small but valuable possessions (either for insurance purposes or perhaps to list and sell them on an auction site such as eBay)
  • A laminator that will handle business card sized paper up to standard 8.5×11 paper
  • A large format printer. The printer can handle print jobs from 17 inches wide up to 24 inches wide. Its rolls of paper can be used for long, banner-like jobs as well (indoor only, sorry!)
  • A high-quality photo printer for family photos, individual photos or even larger individual photos (up to 8×10)
  • A 58-inch cutter (for trimming those poster prints you make with our large format printer)
  • An assortment of office related items from 3-hole punches to paper cutters to a heavy-duty stapler
  • A Cameo Silhouette paper and vinyl cutter for making fancy designs and imprints
  • A heat press to make yourself or you family a fun design on a t-shirt, bag or even a baby onesie!
  • A sewing machine for minor repairs or major projects.

All these items are available to use by patrons, though some may require training by staff for best outcome.

We have helped many patrons with advice on how to craft some interesting items and some patrons have become regular users of the above equipment. The Cameo Silhouette has been used to make paper crafts for parties, vinyl stickies to personalize water bottles as well as heat transfer images for clothing and bags.

The heat press has made many bags, t-shirts and onesies (as was mentioned above) with designs ranging from personal initials to a patron’s favorite rock band! The staff made some bags imprinted with photos from our Faces and Places local history database and sold them to our patrons as holiday gift bags or just general-purpose carry bags.

The large format printer has been used to make posters as gifts, posters for meetings and conferences, posters for events and even a large poster from a photo of a family gathering. In addition, some of the posters you see in the library for events and programs have been printed by our large-format printer on an adhesive vinyl that can be stuck to a wall, peeled off with no damage and re-used again.

One of the most popular items is the library’s button maker. It has made thousands of buttons. Patrons make buttons for all occasions; family reunions, political campaigns, pictures of favorite film and music stars and others for just plain fun. If a child participated in one of the recent Harry Potter programs, the first thing they did was get sorted into a Hogwarts house and given an appropriate button with an image of that house’s arms!

The sewing machine has been used for everything from button and zipper mending to a patron who has used it on multiple occasions to sew complete dresses!

If you are interested in Covington’s maker space but aren’t sure where to start, you can always stop by for a tour, a brief description of the equipment and materials pricing. You can also call and ask for an appointment for assistance with one of the devices. Please note that we can’t do your design work for you but will be happy to give you pointers on what will work best.

For more information you can call 859.962.4071 and we’ll do our best to get you started.


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