Borrower Bill of Rights

The staff of the Kenton County Public Library is committed to serving the people of our community. To that end, we affirm that borrowers have the right to:


  •   A clean, safe, friendly library environment.
  •   A meeting room and public bulletin boards available on an equitable basis.
  •   Reading and study areas free from unnecessary disturbances.

Services and Programs

  •   Prompt, courteous service at all times.
  •   Prompt, professional and friendly assistance in accessing the Library catalog, materials, technology and equipment.
  •   Equitably managed access to electronic and technology resources
  •   Equitable access to services and programs.
  •   Provision of reasonable accommodations for those whose disabilities inhibit access to standard services.


  •   Full use of the Library’s collection without regard to gender, age, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or income.
  •   A collection that reflects the needs and interests of the community that is selected without regard to origin, background, or point of view of those contributing to a particular item’s creation.
  •   A collection that reflects various points of view
  •   Reasonable access to items not available in the Library’s collection.
  •   Appropriate technology for accessing electronic elements of the collection.
  •   Timely notification of closures and holidays that would affect the borrower’s ability to access any part of the collection.
  •   Access to processes for requesting that additional materials be added to the collection.
  •   Access to processes to request review of materials in the collection.

Due Process

  •   Privacy of their records in accordance with all applicable laws.
  •   Review of each individual’s borrower record upon request of that borrower.
  •   Prompt notification of overdue items.
  •   Accurate assessment of fines and charges.
  •   A borrower suggestion system for new services or materials that the Library should consider providing.
  • A grievance process in the event any staff member or service fails to meet expectations or if any borrower believes his or her rights have been violated.
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