Child Safety and Behavior Guidelines


The staff of the Kenton County Public Library System is concerned about the safety of all Library users, especially children. The staff strives to make the Library an enjoyable place to visit so patrons will want to return many times.

Library staff members cannot, however, supervise children or function as substitute caregivers. Parents and responsible caregivers need to be as careful of their children’s safety in the Library as they would be in a shopping mall or any other public building.

Library staff members cannot be expected to remain after hours with an unattended child, or to leave Library premises with an unattended child at any time. Local law enforcement will be called to assume responsibility for an unattended child after the Library has closed, or to assume responsibility for a disruptive child whose parent or caregiver cannot be reached.

Library staff are required to comply with state regulations regarding suspected child abuse and neglect.

Children age 7 or under may not be left unattended in any part of the Library. Unattended means not within sight of the caregiver, with the exception of a storytime where it has been specified that the adult is not required to be in the room with the child.

An older child of at least age 14, such as a sibling or other caregiver, may be responsible for a child age 7 or under, and must attend to the younger child as described above.

Children ages 8 through 17 may use the Library unattended. Parents are still responsible for the actions of their children. Children ages 8 through 17 who display unacceptable behavior and who do not correct their behavior after appropriate warnings from staff may be asked to leave the Library.

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