Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month, which has me thinking about the most influential women in my life. I'd have to start with my mom and maternal grandmother. Both of these women have taught me to be strong and speak up for what I believe in but also know when to be quiet and just listen.

I lost my grandmother in 1992 but she still influences me to this day. I remember struggling with algebra in high school and my 70-year-old grandmother, who had suffered from several strokes, patiently tutored me. She defeated the odds by walking on her own after being told by doctors, she would never walk again due to a stroke. I am lucky to still have my mom and be able to continue to learn from her.

Outside of my family, I have been influenced by so many women. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Harriet Jacobs, Louisa May Alcott, Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman Brenda Howard, Coretta Scott King, Amanda Gorman, Betty White, Dr. Maya Angelou, Stella Young and so many more women have influenced my life.

During Women's History Month we encourage you to think about women you admire or have influenced your life. Feel free to share in the comments. The library has compiled a list of items from our catalog in honor of Women's History Month. Just click on the title to put the item on hold. 

Visit the events page for programs celebrating women.

Women's History Month

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Written by Gina Stegner, public relations and social media coordinator for the Kenton County Public Library.