Deaf History Month

March 13 – April 15 is Deaf History Month. These dates were chosen because three major events in Deaf history happened during them. These events are: 

  • April 15, 1817: America’s first public school for the Deaf was opened. 
  • April 8, 1864: Gallaudet University, the first college for the Deaf and hard of hearing, was founded. 
  • March 13, 1988: Gallaudet University hired its first Deaf president (after a student protest when the board decided to appoint a hearing president). 

Interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL)? Check out Gale Courses, a database full of free courses. They offer a sign language course that also gives some insight into Deaf history. Go here  and click on Gale Course 

For even more insight and information, check out these kids and YA books featuring d/Deaf and hard of hearing characters.  


Deaf History Month

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Created by Lisa Clark, Youth Collection Coordinator