Genealogy Ice Breaker Questions for Holiday Family Gatherings

Family gatherings over the holidays are a great time to talk about family history. We’ve crafted a list of fun genealogy based ice-breakers to get the discussion started at your next family gathering.

  1. What was the fastest mode of transportation when you were born?
  2. What was your mom, dad, grandparents favorite dessert? Do you have the recipe? Why do you think they liked it?
  3. What school subject was your favorite and why?
  4. How did you spend your summer vacations when you were growing up?
  5. Who in the family do you think you look like and why?
  6. Where and when did you first go to see a movie? Do you remember what was playing? Who went with you?
  7. What sports were important to your family? What sports were your siblings better or worse at?
  8. Why did you marry your spouse?
  9. What do you remember about your great grandparents?
  10. How did you come to choose the names of your children?
  11. Do you “remember when Joe got his head stuck in the railing and…”? Ask about a funny family story or memory!
  12. What was the biggest news story during your life?

We’d love to hear how your relatives answered these questions! You can comment on our blog, or post to any of our social media accounts!