Homemade Holidays with the STREAM Center, Creativebug & More

Not sure what to get someone for the holidays? We have some ideas for great gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face this season! Take free online classes via Creativebug or make an appointment at our STREAM Center in Covington or Erlanger and start creating.

  • Garment Printer - Bring a shirt, tote bag or other fabric item and customize it with any image you choose. The cost of using the Garment Printer is usually less than $5. 
  • 3-D Printers - Customized model railroads or tabletop gaming is another great gift. We have multiple 3-D printers for these types of projects. At $0.15 per mL, most pieces can be printed for less than $5. 
  • Laser Engravers - You can customize anything from cutting boards to glassware. Patrons will need to bring supplies to engrave. The library only charges for the protective tape, which is only $0.10 per foot, making engraving one of the cheapest processes. 
  • Embroidery - Customize towels, aprons, sweatshirts, stockings and more with the embroidery machines. We have a wide assortment of colors, and most embroidery work can be completed for less than $0.25. 
  • Sublimation Printer - Personalize a plate, mug, canvas pouch, Santa bag, candle holder and more using the heat press and sublimation printer at the Covington Branch. Each item is less than $10. 
  • Banners & Posters – Use our large poster printers to make a banner or poster of your favorite band, team or artwork.

Patrons often tell us they are intimidated to use the machines in the STREAM Center until they hear that library staff will train them and are there to help. Training on the machines is required, so make an appointment by visiting kentonlibrary.org/stream or calling 859.962.4331 for more information.

Patrons can learn to crochet, sew, paint and more with Creativebug. It can be accessed from anywhere with your library card number and an Internet connection.

Still need inspiration? Borrow one off these items and create something wonderful. 

Homemade Holidays

Crafts, baked goods and more for the holidays.

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