How to be an Introvert

I am the library's public relations and social media coordinator, a spokesperson and often go on TV. I am part of a very big family. I am very friendly and will talk your ear off once I'm comfortable with you. People often assume I'm an extrovert but I am not. I need quiet time. I need alone time. I don't like being in a room full of people I don't know. I often force myself to go to large events, and even more often just skip them. I don't see anything wrong with this so I get annoyed when I constantly see articles telling introverts how to become an extrovert.

Five tips to become an introvert:
1. As soon as you arrive at a party or large event, seek out the quiet places where you can decompress. This might be a garage, outside or even the bathroom. I've been to the restroom so many times at an event that people started asking if I was okay.
2. Skip the event by saying you are sick. Okay, no, don't really do that. But it is okay to decline an invitation. You don't owe anyone an explanation. You can just say no and thank them for the invite.
3. Use your phone as a distraction when you need a quick minute to decompress. Some people will see this as rude, but it's better than running out of the event because you can't take it anymore.
4. Learn to leave events quietly without telling anyone so you can avoid awkward small talk.
5. At work, shut your door or put on headphones and listen to music or a podcast so people don't linger.

This is all in fun but seriously, stop trying to make introverts extroverts and vice versa. We will let you have your large parties and big lunches and we ask you to let us have our quiet time and don't think we're being rude when we eat lunch by ourselves, leave early or hide in a quiet place.

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Written by: Gina Stegner, public relations and social media coordinator, a friendly introvert who enjoys satire.