June is Audiobook Month

June is a busy month! Summer is in full swing and we don't always have time to read. Luckily we have audiobooks! Here are 5 great reasons to listen to an audiobook:

  1. Time-saving: You don't have to schedule reading time. Listen during times where you might otherwise be unproductive - like sitting in traffic!
  2. Convenience: Listen anywhere, anytime. Install the Libby and Hoopla apps on your phone and you'll have easy access to an immense collection of audiobooks.
  3. Accessibility: Audiobooks are great for people who may be unable to read print or have reading disabilities. 
  4. Storytelling: Audiobook narrators can bring the book to life. Some audiobooks even have a cast of narrators for different characters. 
  5. Retention and Comprehension: Do you learn by listening? Audiobooks can enhance your retention and comprehension of books making it easier to understand the story or message. 

Try an audiobook today!

Summer Audiobooks

Listen to a great book this summer!

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