Remake Learning Days

Greater Cincinnati Organizations to Host 100+ Events as Part of Remake Learning Days Across America, the Nation’s Biggest Family-Friendly Festival of Learning

Interactive festival will take place May 14-21, 2022, designed for kids of all ages to help develop their sense of creativity, perseverance, and curiosity

After another challenging year for education, Remake Learning Days Across America (RLDAA) returns this spring in 17+ regions, with family-friendly learning events designed to engage caregivers, parents, and kids around the country.

Lead organizations the Kenton County Public Library and the Catalytic Fund are coordinating the festival, bringing together regional organizations to host more than 100events during the Greater Cincinnati learning festival between May 14-21, 2022. These events are designed for parents and caregivers to learn alongside their kids and offer relevant and engaging educational experiences for youth of all ages (pre-K through high school). All the events are free.

Greater Cincinnati’s festival will focus on the themes of Science, Arts, Outdoor Learning, Maker, Youth Voice, and Technology and include events such as:

  • Paint your child’s face and let them paint yours
  • Build a giant racetrack for a ball
  • Learn about the upcoming lunar eclipse
  • Turn wool into fabric
  • Learn some steps from professional dancers
  • Get messy doing science experiments
  • Meet a bird of prey
  • Create a comic book character
  • Make a solar oven, a pompom party popper and much more

“As the lead organization, the Kenton County Public Library is excited to share this incredibly rich interactive experience with the Greater Cincinnati region. If there is one thing the disruptions of these recent challenging years have taught us, it’s that there is strength in collaboration, and in the sharing of resources. Remake Learning Days is a wonderful example of how we can connect as one big, diverse, community of learners,” said Dave Schroeder, Executive Director.

 The festival events take place across the Greater Cincinnati region, helping families discover nearby resources and fun places to visit and learn new things.   

Find a complete list of events and registration information at: