Small Business Approved

We love small businesses; we value the time that they spend making something wonderful to share with the world. We have several makers that use our space for their small business projects, and we would love to open our space to more small business owners. Come and see what tools we can offer your growing business.

Equipment to make you stand out!

  1. Glowforge - The Glowforge is a laser cutter/engraver. The machine works with wood, leather, cardboard, fabric, and a few other materials. It can cut/engrave up to 20″ in width. We have had businesses use the machine to engrave cutting boards, to create decorative signs and even to make earrings!
  2. Boss Laser – The Boss Laser is a laser cutter engraver on a larger scale. Along with all the above this machine has done barrel heads, lazy Susan’s and it even has a rotary tool to do glass wear and thermoses. Businesses have used this to create some amazing products and have also used it to make promotional items with their logo engraved on them as well.
    Boss Laser
  3. Poster Printer – Do you have a photography business? Put your photos in a large-scale format and print them on canvas, photo paper or even a fabric paper! We have businesses create outdoor banners for their storefronts or for booths at a festival. Some of them even use the poster printer to print their digital artwork on a large scale!

Poster Printer

  1. DTG Printer – Have you ever wanted to make t-shirts? You can on our DTG printer! That’s not all it’s used for though. We have businesses create dog clothes, baby onesies and we’ve even seen some farmers market shopping bags created with this.

T-shirt Printer

  1. Button Maker – So its not as big and fancy as the other machines, our button maker still packs a punch and has helped several businesses create some amazing buttons. Whether they are for sale or for promotional items we can help you make some sturdy and amazing buttons for your business.

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Photography and art prints for your home.

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