Upping Your Tabletop Game with STREAM

Recently a friend got me started onto a new hobby: Star Wars Legion. It's a tabletop miniature game where you can use your pieces to reenact famous battles from the Star Wars universe with other players or even create your own scenarios! The game is super fun but the available Star Wars specific terrain available to purchase is rather pricey and there aren't many options. So I turned to the 3D printers in the STREAM Center. Luckily with the two types of printers I was able to handle small detailed pieces (crates and barrels) and even large modular systems that can be built in multiple different configurations with magnets! No force powers required to hold these pieces together.

There is a huge supportive community of makers that design terrain for this game so there is no shortage of custom built pieces you can download from sites like Thingiverse or Cults3d. I can also use the large format printer in the STREAM Center to print maps and patterns for my encounters. This way I can make my encounter fully customizable to any planet or environment I would like it to take place in. 

This process isn't exclusive to Star Wars Legion either. If you play Warhammer, D&D, Pathfinder, Battletech, or any other miniature based game you can always spice up your table with cool custom pieces from the STREAM Center.