Carneal, Thomas David

Carneal was born in Alexandria, Caroline County Virginia on January 31, 1786 to Thomas Carneal and Alice Davis Carneal.  In about 1792, the family moved to Franklin County, Kentucky.  Another move found the family at Big Bone in Boone County in 1800.

Thomas David Carneal’s parents returned to Franklin County in 1806.  At this time, the younger Carneal moved to Cincinnati.  In 1812 he joined General James Taylor for a brief military adventure.

In 1814, Thomas David Carneal, John Gano, Richard Gano, and James Bryson purchased 200 acres of land from Thomas Kennedy and established the city of Covington.  The Kentucky Legislature recognized the new city on February 8, 1815.

Also in 1815, Carneal married Sally Stanley.  The couple had four children:  Alice Carneal, Sally Carneal, Louis Carneal, and Thomas Davis Carneal II.

In 1818, Thomas Davis Carneal acquired most of the land that comprises the current City of Ludlow.  On this property he began construction of a grand home, which he named Elmwood Hall.  Elmwood was completed in 1820.

Carneal sold the hall and his land to William Bullock in 1828.  At this time, Carneal returned to Covington and built a large home on Second Street.

Carneal died on November 3, 1860.  He is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.  Carneal Street in Ludlow is named after Thomas David Carneal in recognition of his pioneer status in the town.