Community History – Ludlow – Catholic Athletic Club

Catholic Athletic Club


The Catholic Athletic Association was established in 1907 at Mother of God Church in Covington. The Club offered a Catholic alternative to the YMCA.

In the early years of the Twentieth Century, the club purchased a piece of property at 828 Elm Street in Ludlow. The property was used for camping, picnics and swimming. In 1930, the first building was erected on the site.

Active membership plunged during the Second World War as most young men were serving in the military. At this time, the emphasis of the CAC evolved from an athletic organization to a social one. From this point forward, the building began to be used for dances, social events, picnics and private parties.

The CAC did not accept new members. By the 1960s, the membership had aged and activities had decreased. The CAC ceased to exist in 1968, when the building and grounds were sold to the Kehoe Council Knights of Columbus.

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