Community History – Ludlow – Farrell’s Pharmacy

Farrell’s Pharmacy

The Farrell Pharmacy was established in 1908 by Edward Farrell Sr. The first location was at the northeast corner of Elm and Euclid Streets. A second location was eventually established in the Masonic Temple Building (northeast corner of Elm and Kenner Streets). These two locations were simultaneously operated by Ed Farrell Senior’s three children: Ed Farrell Jr., Mary Farrell and Agnes Farrell. Ed Farrell Jr. operated the store from the original location, which was closed in the years following World War II. Mary and Agnes Farrell operated the store from the Masonic Temple Building.

Agnes and Mary Farrell were among the first women pharmacists in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Mary graduated from St. James School in Ludlow and La Salette Academy in Covington. In 1917, she graduated from the Queen City Pharmacy College of Cincinnati. Agnes Farrell also attended St. James School in Ludlow and La Salette Academy in Covington. She attended the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy. She graduated from pharmacy school in 1927, and was ranked first in a class of 75. In 1928, Agnes Farrell passed the Kentucky Pharmacy Examination.

In 1960, Edward Farrell Jr. Retired. William Farrell Sr. took over the operation of the store at this time. His brother John ‘Jack’ Farrell assisted him. Later, William Farrell Jr. joined the pharmacy team.

In the late 1990s, the Farrell Pharmacy was merged with the Ludlow Family Pharmacy, which was located in the Junior Order Building at the southwest corner of Elm and Davis Streets. The pharmacy is jointly operated by William Litmer and William Farrell Jr.

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