Community History – Ludlow – First National Bank of Ludlow

First National Bank of Ludlow

The First National Bank of Ludlow was established in 1900. R.H. Fleming was the first president and A.V.C. Grant was the first cashier.

For much of its history, the bank was located in the Odd Fellows Hall at the northeast corner of Elm and Butler Streets. In 1973, the bank board of directors engaged the services of architect Robert Ehmet Hayes to design a new structure. Hayes designed a modernistic brick and glass building.

The new First National Bank officially opened on September 13, 1976. Mrs. Mae Stephens had the honor of cutting the ribbon on the occasion.

On June 28, 1985, the First National Bank of Ludlow was purchased by Covington Trust Bank. The following served as president of First National Bank prior to its sale to Covington Trust: R.H. Fleming (first), Charles Eugene Clark, A.V.C. Grant, Herbert Jackson, James A. Stephens, Clint J. Snyder, Selma Woolford and Edward J. Kennedy.

Covington Trust operated the Ludlow facility as a branch of their main office in Covington. Covington Trust extended bank hours and provided free checking accounts for senior citizens. In 1986, Covington Trust was acquired by Huntington Bancshares of Kentucky.

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