Community History – Ludlow – Jerome Weaver

Weaver, Jerome J.

Ludlow city official. Weaver contributed immensely to the development of the western section of the city.

Weaver was born on April 21, 1862 in Davis, Illinois to Jacob Weaver and Sophia Best Weaver. He attended Northwestern University’s College of Engineering. Following graduation, Weaver found employment with the Southern Railroad. He was transferred by the railroad to Ludlow in 1890.

In 1892, Weaver was elected to the office of Ludlow City Engineer. In this capacity, he oversaw the installation of the first telephone system in the city, the construction of the first electric light plant (1898), the construction of Highway Avenue and the city waterworks.

Weaver also used his engineering skills to plan several subdivisions in Northern Kentucky. In Ludlow, he laid out the plats for the Fleming and Woodlawn Subdivisions in eastern Ludlow and the Lagoon Land Company (1905), Lagoon Land Addition (1921, and the Ludlow Reality Subdivision (1922) in western Ludlow. Weaver also laid out the original plats of the City of Crescent Springs, Kenton Hills (Covington) and Devou Park. He was primarily responsible for the development of these neighborhoods.

Weaver was also active in several business ventures, including: The Lagoon Amusement Park, Ideal Supply Company of Ludlow, Ludlow Realty Company, president of the Crescent Contracting Company, and president of the Kentucky Electric Company.

Jerome J. Weaver died on August 12, 1939 and was buried in Xenia, Ohio. He left a widow, Violet Gray Weaver.

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