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News Enterprise

The News Enterprise was a weekly newspaper published in Ludlow. The paper originally began as the Ludlow News in 1936 (first issue on December 11, 1936). Gus Sheehan of West Covington was the paper’s editor for decades. The publication was declared the official newspaper of the city by council on March 2, 1939.

On August 8, 1940, the publisher of the Ludlow News began publishing the Dixie Enterprise. This publication catered to the residents of South Fort Mitchell, Erlanger, Elsmere and Florence. After only five editions, the Dixie Enterprise was merged with the Ludlow News to form the News Enterprise. Originally, the News Enterprise covered Ludlow and the area covered by the Dixie Enterprise. With the December 13, 1940 issue of the News Enterprise, the areas of South Fort Mitchell, Erlanger, Elsmere and Florence were dropped from the coverage area.

Sheehan published the News Enterprise until 1988, when the paper was sold to Gene Clabes of Steppingstone Publications. The first issue to be published under the new ownership was on June 22, 1988. Distribution of the News Enterprise was expanded to include Fort Mitchell, Lakeside Park, Crestview Hills and Fort Wright at this time.

In 1991, Clabes and Steppingstone Publications purchased the Recorder Newspapers owned by Gleaner Journal Publishing Company. That year, the News Enterprise ceased to be published.

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