Park (Albert S. Ludlow Memorial Park)

In 1926, William Ludlow donated 5 acres of land at the northwest corner of Oak and Adela Avenues for use by the city as a park. The gift was given as a memorial to his brother Albert S. Ludlow. The first park board was appointed in 1926 and consisted of the following residents: A.W. Evans, William R. Purcell, and Mrs. K.M. Klinger. In 1927, the citizens of the city began holding meetings to discuss improvements for the park. Formal meetings began to be held that included representatives from all the churches and fraternal organizations. The Committee established a fundraising goal of $10,000.00. The successful drive was held between May 2 and 14, 1927.

The first playground equipment was installed in the park in 1928. In that same year, several tennis courts were also constructed. Ludlow’s progressive park board added a swimming pool in 1931. The pool ranged from of 1 ½’ to 3’ in depth. The $1,600.00 pool was dedicated on June 20, 1931.

In 1932, a $3,500.00 shelter house was constructed in the park. The structure was designed by city engineer, W.L. Glazier. A large fountain was constructed in front of this shelter house in 1933 (today, the Ludlow War Memorial is located on the site of this fountain). The fountain was dedicated on September 23, 1933. At this same time, a set of stairs was built from Elm Street to the new fountain and shelter house. The cost of these improvements totaled $1,300.00.

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