Morningside Subdivision

The subdivision was developed by E.H. Daugherty beginning in 1925. The streets in the development included Hazen Street (from Uphill to West), Uphill Avenue and the south side of Highway Avenue (from the railroad to West Street).

The subdivision contained a model home that was used for promotional purposes. The home was fully furnished by the Dine-Schabell Furniture Company of Covington and Newport. The model home was located on the south side of Highway Avenue.

The development catered to working class residents and was constructed on a 20-acre site. By 1926, nearly 100 lots had been sold, with only a few remaining. The development represented a $1 million investment in the city.

Morningside included plans for a small neighborhood park. The developer also constructed two public tennis courts to be used by the residents. Daugherty claimed, “Morningside will be the ideal spot to raise children, for there is plenty of fresh air and sunshine here.”

The new subdivision was close to schools in Ludlow, sat on the streetcar line, and was only a few minutes from Fountain Square and the Dixie Highway.

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